High & Medium Voltage Bushing

Cast-Resin High & Medium Voltage Bushings

High-voltage insulators and bushings made to order in cast resin.

Radiant is a well-known manufacturer of custom epoxy terminals for a variety of transformer and transducer uses. For the world's leading producers of high and medium voltage interior and outdoor systems, Radiant is a specialist in developing custom epoxy insulators, high and medium voltage epoxy bushings.

In addition to a basic insulator line, Radiant specialises in custom epoxy insulators, transformer bushings, and epoxy gis bushings for circuit breakers, fuse boxes, delimiters, earth switches, gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and air-insulated switchgear (AIS), capacitors, and transformers.

Radiant provides a wide range of testing equipment, including x-ray testing, gas-leakage testing, electric serial tests, and customer-specific individual insulator inspections, to assist you with the development of your epoxy insulator, mv bushing, and customised epoxy housing for mv switchgear from the beginning.

Radiant's measuring and inspection systems are all designed to provide a thorough product evaluation, which is especially important when working with bespoke high voltage insulators. In addition to the necessary product knowledge, we create specialist resin formulas to achieve the best possible relationship between the product's various technical characteristics and specific customer requirements, such as mechanical strain, temperature stability, rupture resistance, application temperature, and so on. This indicates that both necessary safety requirements and durability are ensured when it comes to energy transmission.

Roof top Bushings for Railway Applications with fire and smoke certificates (EN 45545) in compliance with ASTM D2196, D229, D2303, and D495 standards are also available.

Railway Roof top Bushing

25 kV Roof top bushing developed for Alstom for railway applications. Made from Outdoor cycloaliphatic cast-resin certified EN 45545.

Railway roof feedthrough 25 kV Bushing

Tailor made Bushing developed for Indian railways. Tested acc. To these Standards – EN, BIS, IEC, ANSI, UL, SSI, IEEE, DIN, AST

Conex Bushing

Designed to connect or “plug-in” polymeric insulated cables into gas insulated switchgear, ring main units, circuit breakers, high voltage motors, transformers, transducers and sealing boxes. Size 2, Size 3 and Size 4 are readily available

Multi Bushing

Customized epoxy terminals or cable-bushings out of epoxy resin for signal-transport in high-voltage instrument-transformers.

Primary Bushing

Customized cast-resin bushings out of cycloaliphatic epoxy for high-voltage equipment e.g. instrumental transformers.

High Current Bushing

Custom-made high current bushing with coated copper for special application of Bombardier in railway technology.

Transformer Bushing

Radiant offers a broad range of bushings for transformers, reactors, switchgear, and traction and wall applications. Our portfolio includes Epoxy resin and Polyconcrete bushings as well as advanced technology solutions, tailored to individual requirements, ensuring users can rely on the best service and highest possible safety and reliability.

A bushing is nothing but a hollow electrical insulator used in electric power that allows an electrical conductor to safely pass past a conducting barrier, without making any sort of electrical contact with it. Bushings are commonly composed of porcelain, but other insulating materials are used as well.

When an electrified conductor comes into contact with a material that has an earth potential, it can produce extraordinarily powerful field lines, especially if the field lines are forced to curve sharply around the earthy substance. The bushing forms and reinforces the field while lowering electrical stresses in the insulating material.

Radiant has extensive experience casting customized epoxy insulating parts that meet or exceed all durability, quality, as well as efficiency requirements for bushings and epoxy terminals that are used in high-voltage, high-stress, as well as medium-voltage applications. We also specialize in designing custom epoxy insulators and medium voltage epoxy bushings for the world's leading manufacturers of medium voltage indoor as well as outdoor installations.

Failure of bushings:

The partial discharge might cause bushings to fail. This can be owing to the insulation's slow and gradual degradation over many years of electrified service, or it can be due to a quick degeneration that destroys a decent bushing in a matter of hours. The electrical supply sector is currently very interested in monitoring the status of high-voltage bushings. Some bushings fail early in service due to a failure to manage voltage or perform necessary maintenance, while others have incipient failure mechanisms built-in at the factory. The fact that only a small percentage of bushing failures occur globally supports this viewpoint.


For use in oil-fluid-insulated equipment, such as capacitors, switchgear, and transformers.

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