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When it comes to insulators and bushings for use in electrical and industrial settings, Radiant Enterprises is unrivalled. Our dedication to quality, creativity, and the needs of our customers has allowed us to serve a wide variety of businesses for years. In order to provide solutions that are tailored to each individual client's demands, our team of highly skilled engineers and technical experts collaborates closely with them to gain a thorough understanding of those needs.

manufacturer of multi-bushing AIS switchgear

Surge Counter Bushing and Disconnectors

Protecting electrical devices from transient surges and voltage spikes requires the employment of surge counter bushings,

Our Customized Insulators & Bushings:

At Radiant Enterprises, we provide a wide selection of custom insulators and bushings to meet the needs of a wide variety of electrical and industrial applications.

  • Custom Design Solutions: We offer custom design solutions because every project is unique and standard goods may not meet your needs. We are known for our ability to develop unique designs to solve problems and enhance functionality.

  • Material Selection: Our insulators and bushings can be made from a variety of high-quality materials to meet the specific needs of your application. Porcelain, polymer, composite, silicone rubber, and many others are all examples of such materials.

  • Voltage and Current Ratings: We offer bespoke solutions for a variety of voltage and current ratings, so you can rest assured that your insulators and bushings will be up to the task of meeting your system's electrical requirements.

  • Dimensions and Sizes: Whether you require tiny insulators for sensitive uses or massive bushings for robust industrial installations, we can make them to your exact specifications.

  • Environment-Specific Solutions: Customized for your specific environment, our insulators and bushings can survive harsh conditions including high humidity, salty air, acidic chemicals, and intense sunlight.

  • Industry-Specific Requirements: We have the know-how to build insulators and bushings that meet the norms and regulations of your industry, so they will fit in with your applications without a hitch.


Everything we do here at Radiant Enterprises is focused on maximizing quality. All of our bespoke insulators and bushings are tested extensively and made to exacting standards. To guarantee that every product we sell is of the highest quality and performance, we use state-of-the-art production techniques and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

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