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Radiant Enterprises is a top provider of high-quality switchgear solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. We've been serving clients all over the world for 35+ years. We're committed to new ideas, dependability, and making sure our clients are happy. Our skilled engineers and technicians work hard to develop, make, and ship switchgear products that meet the highest standards in the industry

manufacturer of multi-bushing AIS switchgear

AIS Switchgear

Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) is a vital component of electrical power systems, widely used for the control, protection

manufacturer of Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgears

GIS Switchgear

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) is a modern form of switchgear that provides numerous improvements over


Switchgear is an important part of electrical power systems, and it is a key part of making sure that electrical networks work safely and reliably. It is used to control, protect, and manage electrical power in a number of different ways and businesses. Here are some of the main ways switchgear is used:

  • Power Distribution:

    Power distribution networks rely heavily on switchgear to regulate and manage the transmission of electricity from generators to consumers. It's useful for isolating malfunctioning machinery and protecting against electrical hazards like short circuits and overloads.

  • Renewable Energy Systems:

    To control the flow of electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind power plants to the grid or storage systems, switchgear is incorporated into renewable energy systems. It aids in stabilizing the electricity grid by controlling voltage spikes.

  • Oil and Gas Industry:

    Switchgear is used in a number of oil and gas industry settings, including offshore platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants. In dangerous and hostile conditions, switchgear is utilized to safeguard electrical systems and maintain constant operations.

  • Railways and Transportation:

    In order to manage and safeguard the electrical components of trains, trams, and subways, switchgear is employed by railway and transportation systems. It improves the safety of employees and passengers by facilitating reliable electricity distribution.

  • Utilities and Power Generation:

    Switchgear is an essential feature of all thermal, hydroelectric, and nuclear power plants. It enables the company to distribute electricity effectively and safeguards costly machinery from electrical failures.


Quality is the foundation of our business here at Radiant Enterprises. Every step of production is subject to stringent quality checks. In order to guarantee that every piece of switchgear we produce is up to par with global standards, we have equipped our factories with cutting-edge testing machinery. Our products' dependability and longevity are ensured by our use of premium materials and components acquired from established manufacturers.

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