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Radiant Enterprises is pleased to serve as a reliable and knowledgeable source for electrified rail systems' rooftop insulators and bushings. We've been providing our services to the rail sector for quite some time now, and throughout that time we've maintained a firm dedication to innovation, quality, and happy customers. Modern railway electrification has stringent standards, and our team of qualified engineers and technicians works diligently to design, manufacture, and supply state-of-the-art rooftop insulators and bushings.

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Pantograph Insulators

Radiant has a long-standing supplier connection with a number of well-known international railway technology companies.

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Roof Busbar Support Insulator

Support insulators for roof-mounted busbars in electrified rail systems are vital, as they offer structural stability..

manufacturer of Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgears

Rooftop Bushing

Rooftop bushings play an important role in electrified rail systems by providing electrical insulation and structural..

Applications of Transformer Bushings:

In electrified rail systems, transformer bushings are used in conjunction with railway rooftop insulators. Overhead catenary systems and the electrical connections between the traction equipment on the train and the power source rely heavily on them for safe and dependable operation. The most common uses for insulators and bushings installed on railway roofs are as follows:

  • Overhead Catenary Systems:

    Overhead catenary systems, in which electricity is transmitted from a network of wires to electric trains, make considerable use of railway rooftop insulators. The insulators, which are located on support structures, insulate electrical current so that trains always have electricity.

  • Traction Equipment Connections:

    Connecting the traction motors to the overhead catenary system requires the use of insulated and sturdy bushings for the traction motors. Power is transferred smoothly and efficiently from the catenary to the traction motors thanks to these components.

  • Transformer Connections:

    Transformer bushings are essential for railway power transformers since they insulate the connections between the transformer windings and the external circuit and provide mechanical support. They are an important part of electrified rail networks because they guarantee the steady flow of electricity.

  • Power Cable Connections:

    Insulating and supporting the connections between power cables and electrical devices is the job of cable bushings. They contribute to the transmission of electricity from substations and other vital parts of the railway electrification system.

  • Electrified Train Operations:

    Rooftop insulators and bushings are crucial for the electric running of trains. They allow electric trains to take electricity from the catenary system, which in turn powers the traction motors and allows the train to move.


When it comes to our rooftop insulators and bushings, quality is always first at Radiant Enterprises. From raw material selection to finished product testing, we have strict quality control procedures that we adhere to at all times. Each insulator and bushing is put through rigorous tests to guarantee it is up to par in terms of electrical performance and mechanical integrity at our cutting-edge labs.

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