Fuse Cutouts

Medium Voltage Fuse Cutouts

Medium-voltage Fuse Cutouts.

For ANSI, IEC, and Australian standards, distribution cutouts for overcurrent protection on overhead distribution systems up to 38 kV.

Radiant has a long history of delivering safe, dependable over-current protection for distribution systems, including interchangeable and non-interchangeable cutouts, as well as fused cutouts that double as outdoor load break switches.

We create fuse cuts out of polymer concrete. Polymer concrete cutouts work better than silicone fuse cutouts in stressed settings such as extreme cold, heat, along the seashore, and in areas with high pollution.

Why Choose Radiant?
  • For maintenance staff, it provides a visible indication of fuse operation as well as a visible break sectionalizing point.
  • Radiants cutting-edge technology cutouts will not crack or break apart under stress.
  • Radiants cutting-edge technology cutouts are so long-lasting that they come with an exceptional 10-year warranty.

EU and EUH fuse Cutouts

EU and EUH fuse cutouts are enclosed in a polymer concrete housing. These fuses are totally enclosed cutouts (no live parts exposed) for the 2.6 to 7.8 kV range where space is tight. The fuse tubes for the EU and EUH cutouts are a centerless ground, glass filament wound, unpainted tube with a horn fiber liner.

Low Volatage Fuse Cutouts

Radiant's polymer concrete cutouts offer a safe, shatter-proof design that resists damage from freeze/thaw cy- cles, resulting in outstanding performance in extreme cold weather environments.

Polymer concrete (110 and 125kV BIL) insulator

Radiant enterprises has been using polymer concrete for more than twenty years. Available in 110 and 125 kV BIL ratings, polymer concrete provides a safe, shat- ter-proof design with molded-in rods to prevent moisture penetration. Because it resists damage from freeze/thaw cycles, the material is an excel- lent alternative to porcelain in colder climates. Polymer concrete is a field-proven material that provides excellent electrical properties and di- electric strengths, as well as superior mechanical durability.

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