When it comes to electrical applications, Radiant Enterprises is the go-to source for high-quality cable termination insulators. Customers in the electrical business have relied on us for years because of our dedication to innovation, dependability, and satisfaction. In order to ensure that our cable termination insulators are up to the rigorous standards of today's electrical systems, our team of skilled engineers and technical experts works tirelessly on their design, production, and delivery.

Insulated Epoxy Plugs Medium Voltage Cast Resin

Insulated Epoxy Plugs Medium Voltage Cast Resin

Customer-specific insulated termination pieces made of indoor cast-resin for medium-voltage cable fittings, such as cable connections, T-plugs or elbow separable connectors. Inserts made of brass and aluminum.

Insulating Plugs For Sheilded Cable Connections

Insulating Plugs For Sheilded Cable Connections

Customized epoxy termination plugs for use in various medium voltage cable accessories Made of high quality cast resin for medium voltage cable accessories, such as separable connectors, elbow-connectors.

Insulation Plugs For Symmetrical T-connectors

Customer-specific insulated plugs for symmetrical T-connectors with c-cones according to IEC50181 made of high-quality cast resin for medium voltage cable accessories, such as cable connections or elbow-connectors for voltage levels between 12kV and 42kV

Applications of Cable Termination Insulator:

  • Power Transmission and Distribution:

    Cable termination insulators are installed at substations, transformers, and switchgear to protect and seal the ends of power cables in high-voltage power transmission and distribution systems. They insulate the connections between the cables and the devices so that no current leaks and the power is transferred efficiently.

  • Industrial Installations:

    Terminating power cables in control panels, motor control centres, and distribution boards are some of the many uses for cable termination insulators in industrial settings. They provide strong mechanical support and insulation for use in commercial and industrial settings.

  • Commercial Buildings:

    Terminating power cables at distribution points and electrical panels requires the use of cable termination insulators in commercial structures. They contribute to the building's overall electrical safety and efficiency.

  • Residential Wiring:

    Home electrical outlets, switches, and breakers all require power lines to be terminated using cable termination insulators. They're crucial for establishing stable domestic power distribution.

  • Renewable Energy Systems:

    Terminating power cables at inverters, controllers, and other electrical components requires cable termination insulators in renewable energy systems like solar and wind power installations. They help ensure that renewable energy systems can function as intended.

  • Railway Electrification:

    Terminating power cables at substations, signalling systems, and traction power supply equipment requires the use of cable termination insulators, which are an integral part of railway electrification. They ensure a consistent power supply for trains by acting as electrical insulation and mechanical support.

  • Oil and Gas Industry:

    Offshore platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants are just some of the many oil and gas facilities that make use of cable termination insulators in their electrical infrastructure. Their importance cannot be overstated when it comes to keeping wires connected in potentially dangerous settings.

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