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Insulated Plugs, Insulators, Terminating-Plugs, Cable-End-Bushings by Radiant Enterprises

Radiant Enterprises manufactures insulated plugs, insulators, terminating plugs, and cable end bushings.

The growing number of underground power lines is increasing demand for cable accessories all around the world.

Radiant is an experienced manufacturer of insulation plugs, bespoke cable end bushings, and termination plugs in all sizes ranging from 12 kv to 170 kv, with a concentration on small bushings and cable connectors in a variety of forms to fulfil specific customer requirements.

Because of novel manufacturing techniques, high-quality insulators are available at globally competitive prices. Radiant's cable technology is manufactured using a variety of methods.

Insulated Epoxy Plugs Medium Voltage Cast Resin

Customer-specific insulated termination pieces made of indoor cast-resin for medium-voltage cable fittings, such as cable connections, T-plugs or elbow separable connectors. Inserts made of brass and aluminum.

Insulating Plugs For Sheilded Cable Connections

Customized epoxy termination plugs for use in various medium voltage cable accessories Made of high quality cast resin for medium voltage cable accessories, such as separable connectors, elbow-connectors.

Insulation Plugs For Symmetrical T-Connectors

Customer-specific insulated plugs for symmetrical T-connectors with c-cones according to IEC50181 made of high-quality cast resin for medium voltage cable accessories, such as cable connections or elbow-connectors for voltage levels between 12kV and 42kV

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