gas insulated switchgears


GIS (gas-insulated switchgear) is a solid metal-enclosed device that contains high-voltage components such as disconnections and circuit breakers. These gadgets can be used safely in restricted settings such as small spaces. For instance, it is used to extend city structures, offshore platforms, roofing, and a variety of plants such as industrial and hydroelectric.

All of the components of this form of switchgear can be brought together in a very small space by surrounding them in a gas-tight metal enclosure, and SF6 gas can be utilized as insulation between existing elements of the devices and the earthed metal enclosure. This type of switchgear can be used on systems ranging from 12 to 800 kV. Insulated switchgear, such as SF6, is essential for building an electrical substation in a constrained space.

In an electric power system, switchgear is a collection of fuses, switches, and circuit breakers. Switchgear's primary purpose is to safeguard, isolate, and control electrical devices. It is possible to connect this directly to the power supply's consistency. High voltage switchgear, which is used to operate electric machinery and motors, was invented in the nineteenth century. Switchgear is installed on both sides of the voltages of the power transformers in substations.


  • Railways
  • Power transmission
  • To incorporate renewable power generation units
  • Mountain and valley areas
  • Underground substations
  • HVDC transmission system Terminal substations


  • In comparison to alternative systems, this switchgear offers a high level of flexibility and reliability. This type of switchgear is the finest solution for diverse substations, such as indoor and underground, due to the gas encased design.
  • The occupied area of indoor and outdoor substations can be lowered by adopting this switchgear.
  • This switchgear's configurations can be used on any form of the bus bar, including single, double, single with transfer bus, double bus bar with double circuit breaker, and ring type bus bar.
  • It takes up less space.
  • Protection from natural disasters.
  • Site installation is at your discretion.
  • Maintenance is reduced.
  • Operating costs are lower.
  • GIS designs can be used wherever such characteristics are desired like less environmental effect, less area, less maintenance, and so on.

Radiant is a seasoned maker of custom epoxy resin and poly concrete moulded components and has long been the go-to source for GIS bushings to satisfy the widest range of customer requirements.

Our manufacturing plant enables us to provide durable, maintenance-free bushings for the GIS switchgear, allowing it to be put indoors, in congested urban areas, and in severe situations.

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