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Engineers and transformer manufacturers are increasingly specifying epoxy over porcelain for hydro bushings in transformers and breakers. These bushings are stronger, lighter, more durable, and more flexible, according to them. Furthermore, because epoxy bushings do not require specific assembly, they are significantly less likely to fail and leak, creating devastating flashovers that drain the transformer, resulting in delays and costly penalty clauses.

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No Assembly Required:

To make a complete porcelain electrical transformer bushing, buying managers must order parts from five or more vendors. This necessitates inventory and labour expenditures for transformer makers to construct the bushings.

A porcelain bushing typically requires about 16 parts and one to two hours of labour to assemble, plus it must be bonded and allowed to dry overnight.

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Apart from the extra expenses, the assembly process may make the porcelain bushings more prone to flaws, causing them to fail in their duty of insulating the conductors that transport high-voltage current through grounded enclosures. If the bushing fractures or fails, the transformer maker is responsible for replacing it, which adds time and money to the process.

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An epoxy bushing, on the other hand, does not require assembly and can be cast in practically any desired geometry and design. This not only reduces assembly time and storage costs, but it also makes the product safer, more reliable, more versatile.

More Strength, Better Performance:

Our Epoxy Transformer Bushings are made to the highest quality standards at Crosslink Technology and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor low-to-high-voltage applications. With over 35 years of experience, Crosslink has never had a leaky bushing.

Because our epoxy bushings are non-tracking, self-scoring, and non-weathering, they operate well in a variety of situations, including extremely contaminated ones. Epoxy bushings are 60% lighter than porcelain and have 10 times the tensile strength. They will not shatter due to thermal shock.

Because epoxy resin insulators have free ends instead of metal caps, they can withstand high-power arcs and have a longer dry arcing distance than porcelain insulators.

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Epoxy bushings has the following attributes too:

  • The partial discharge is minimal.
  • A thermal coefficient of expansion 1/20th that of porcelain, compression strength four to six times that of glazed porcelain, and cycloaliphatic flexural strength up to 15 times that of porcelain.

Comparable Cost:

Porcelain bushings appear to be less expensive than epoxy bushings at first glance. When you consider the time and money it takes to build porcelain bushings, as well as the high cost of product failure, the cost difference vanishes. Furthermore, epoxy bushings provide a product that is more dependable, stronger, and flexible

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