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For transformers and circuit breakers, engineers, as well as original equipment manufacturers, are progressively choosing epoxy bushings and epoxy insulators over porcelain bushings. Epoxy bushings are more durable, lighter, easier to install, and more flexible than metal bushings. Epoxy bushings will last 20 to 30 years under normal working conditions.

Engineers, as well as the transformer manufacturers, are progressively choosing epoxy over porcelain for hydro bushings that are used in transformers. Such bushings are lighter, more robust, durable, as well as highly flexible. Furthermore, because epoxy bushings do not require specific assembly, they are significantly less likely to fail and leak, resulting in damaging flashovers that drain the transformer, generating delays and costly penalty clauses.

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Almost after 5 decades of working, many of the epoxy bushings, as well as epoxy insulators, are still in use. Below are some of the listed advantages that Epoxy bushings have over Porcelain bushings:

Epoxy is homogeneous:

If an epoxy bushing's outside layer is destroyed, the material behind it has the same qualities as the surface and performs similarly. If a porcelain bushing's exterior glaze is broken, the bushing may need to be replaced or repaired.

No assembly required for Epoxy Bushings:

Porcelain bushings are made up of numerous components that must be assembled in order to complete the final product. Aside from the additional costs of construction, the assembling procedure raises the possibility of defects and failure in the bushing's job of insulating the conductors. After assembly, oil-filled porcelain bushings can leak from the seal, whereas epoxy insulation is a solid body glued to the conductor to form the seal and contains no oil. Epoxy bushings don't need to be assembled, which saves time and money for the transformer manufacturer while also lowering danger. The epoxy bushings are ready to use as soon as they arrive.

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Increased Design Flexibility:

Epoxy offers greater production and design freedom, and it may be moulded into precise shapes and profiles to fit your application's requirements. Epoxy tooling is less expensive than porcelain, allowing for a lower number of production runs for replacement parts.

The skilled team of chemists combined with trained engineers carry out the research and development task with comprehensive testing only to provide high-quality as well as durable epoxy bushings as well as epoxy insulators.

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Physical Performance:

Because the thermal expansion of epoxy nearly matches that of copper conductors, the bushing's bar and epoxy body expand and contract at similar rates when heated and cooled. Because of the reduced mechanical stresses, this property of the epoxy considerably increases bushing performance and lifetime in heat cycling. The chance of epoxy bushings escaping beyond the seal is considerably decreased, which eliminates the risk of thermal shock cracking.


  • Epoxy bushings are tougher than porcelain counterparts and perform at the same or higher strength in tension and compression.
  • The impact strength of epoxy bushings is comparable to that of porcelain.
  • The standard temperature rating is 105°C.
  • Epoxy bushings do not contain any oil and will not leak their contents.
  • With water absorption of less than 0.1%, this material has excellent hydrophobicity.
  • All Epoxy Bushings are UL listed and have a V0 flammability rating.

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