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Radiant Enterprises, an excellent Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators manufacturer in India, is in the business of manufacturing as well as exporting electrical insulators of world-class quality for industrial use as well as other utility settings. The switchgear industry uses feed-through bus support insulators made of Cycloaliphatic material, and Radiant Enterprises is the most prominent supplier of such products as well as Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators. The bus support insulators made of Cycloaliphatic come in a variety of sizes so that they can accommodate a wide range of bus bar diameters. These porcelain insulators have a glazed finish that is grey in colour.

Switchgear manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors all make use of Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators. Both the cantilever and tensile strengths of the cycloaliphatic insulators are designed to be exceptionally high thanks to the design of these components. Castings are used to manufacture cycloaliphatic insulators, which allows for precise control over their dimensions and ensures that the finished product is consistent throughout. Insulators made from cycloaliphatic compounds have a strong resistance to both erosion and tracking. By maintaining a stock of industry-standard Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators, Radiant Enterprises is able to assist customers in avoiding lengthy lead times. Stocking agreements are made available to you in order to ensure that your process of production is not disrupted in any way. We prioritise the needs of our clients and make it a point to exceed their expectations at every turn.

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What are Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators?

An organic compound known as cycloaliphatic epoxy has a molecular structure that resembles a ring, hence the use of the prefix 'cyclo' in its name. These insulators have been tested and validated in a wide variety of electrical voltages as well as operating environments, and they have passed with flying colours. Every major switchgear manufacturer in every region of the world makes use of cycloaliphatic insulators in their products, albeit to varying degrees.

Switchgear that is metal-enclosed, insulators used for outdoor distribution and transmission, switchgear that is pad-mounted, switchgear that is metal-clad, surge arresters, transformers, and power circuit breakers are some of the applications. The performance of cycloaliphatic epoxies has been exceptional, and they have proven to be resilient in a wide variety of settings despite the passage of time.

Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators weigh approximately 70% less than porcelain insulators, are significantly more durable than porcelain insulators, and are not susceptible to shattering due to mechanical or physical shock.

In air-insulated metal-enclosed as well as metal-clad switchgear, feed-through bus insulators made of Cycloaliphatic material are utilised as support insulators for bus bars. Because of the cycloaliphatic epoxy's high compression strength as well as its other properties, these feed-through bus supports are trustworthy for many years of service.

Cypoxy insulators make use of a Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin system that has been carefully customised to give the electrical and mechanical strength qualities outlined in industry standards for the insulators made of Cycloaliphatic material. This system has been specially manufactured to achieve these features.

Cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators as well as Custom Components offer performance that is unrivalled in both indoor and outdoor settings. Even under the most severe conditions, the cycloaliphatic epoxy resin substance known as cypoxy will not track. It doesn't get damaged by the elements and cleans itself. Cypoxy is impervious to the damaging effects of high-power arcs and can endure exposure to ultraviolet rays. The versatility of Cypoxy's design permits the creation of various skirt configurations that significantly increase leakage distance.

Extensive testing and more than 30 years of experience in the field have demonstrated that cypoxy can function well in every climate. Its durability and cost-effectiveness have been proven by the millions of components that are currently being utilised in medium-voltage applications all over the world.

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