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Rooftop bushings play an important role in electrified rail systems by providing electrical insulation and structural support for the rooftop-mounted equipment that is necessary for effective power transfer to electric trains. When it comes to rooftop electrification in railway systems, high-quality bushings built exclusively for 25 KV rooftop electrification are what Radiant Enterprises - the most trusted rooftop bushing manufacturer in India excels in providing.

Connecting the train's rooftop equipment to the catenary wires above is impossible without rooftop bushings. These bushings connect the electric train's power system to the overhead wires, allowing the train to move and operate. Radiant Enterprises is a noteworthy rooftop bushing manufacturer in India, and our products consistently meet ISO standards.

Railway rooftop bushing manufacturer in India

Railway Roof Top Bushing (Bushing Aka Feedthrough)

25 kV Roof top bushing developed for Alstom for railway applications. Made from Outdoor cycloaliphatic cast-resin certified EN 45545.

Railway Roof Feedthrough 25 KV Bushing manufacturer in India

Railway Roof Feedthrough 25 Kv Bushing

Tailor made Bushing developed for Indian railways. Tested acc. To these Standards – EN, BIS, IEC, ANSI, UL, SSI, IEEE, DIN, AST

Redefine rooftop reliability with our innovative and high-quality Rooftop Bushings.

Purpose of Rooftop Bushing:

Rooftop bushings play a crucial role in electrified rail systems since they provide both mechanical and electrical support for equipment installed on rooftops. Radiant Enterprises, the most distinguished rooftop bushing manufacturer in India, offers high-quality bushings designed for reliable performance in railway electrification systems.

These specialised bushings insulate and support electrical components, improving the reliability and efficiency of power distribution in electrified rail systems. Rooftop bushings are becoming increasingly important parts of modernising and growing railway electrification projects as the need for environmentally friendly and efficient transportation rises.

Radiant Enterprises has maintained its status as a reliable supplier of rooftop bushings for electrified rail systems by focusing on both product quality and customer service.

Key Benefits:

Electrical Insulation: Rooftop bushings provide effective electrical insulation, preventing current leakage and reducing the risk of electrical faults.

Mechanical Support: 25 kv roof top bushing offers robust mechanical support to the rooftop-mounted equipment, such as pantographs, that experience mechanical stresses during train movements and variations in height.

Weather and Pollution Resistance: Rooftop bushings are designed to withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

UV Radiation Resistance: Radiant Enterprises' bushings are formulated to resist UV radiation, maintaining their electrical and mechanical properties over the long term.

High Dielectric Strength: Rooftop bushings have high dielectric strength to withstand the high-voltage electrical currents carried by the overhead wires without breakdown or arcing.


Rooftop bushings play an important part in the effective transfer of power to electric trains and have several uses in electrified railways. These specialised bushings insulate electrical current and provide mechanical support for equipment positioned on the roof, allowing electrified rail systems to function reliably and securely.

  • Pantographs
  • Power Collection
  • Power Distribution
  • Electrical Isolation
  • High-Speed Railways
  • Urban and Suburban Railways
  • Metro Systems
  • Regional and Long-Distance Railways
  • Electrification Projects
  • Freight Railways

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