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Support insulators for roof-mounted busbars in electrified rail systems are vital, as they offer structural stability and electrical isolation for the busbars that carry electricity to trains. In terms of high-quality insulators specifically made for use on rooftop busbars in railway electrification systems, Radiant Enterprises is an excellent roof busbar support insulator manufacturer and supplier in India.

Rooftop busbars are typically used to give electricity to electric trains on electrified railways. High-voltage electrical currents are carried along these busbars, which run the length of the train's roof. Busbars on the roof are supported by insulators placed at intervals to avoid electrical arcing and leakage.

Radiant Enterprises is the leading roof busbar support insulator manufacturer in India. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh environments of railway electrification systems.

25 KV roof busbar support insulator manufacturers in India

25 KV Roof Busbar Support Insulator

Electric trains are commonly electrified using 25 kilovolts (kV) alternating current (AC) on railways around the world. Electric trains rely heavily on the components of their power transmission infrastructure, including roof busbar support insulators designed for 25 KV.

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Purpose of Roof Busbar Support Insulator:

As the busbars that give power to electric trains are located on the roof, roof busbar support insulators play a crucial function in electrified railways by providing both electrical insulation and mechanical support for the busbars. High-quality insulators for use in railway electrification systems are available from Radiant Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of roof busbar support insulators in India.

Electrified railways benefit from the safety and efficiency of power distribution thanks to the insulation and support given by these specialised insulators. Roof busbar support insulators are becoming increasingly important in railway electrification projects as the need for environmentally friendly and efficient transportation rises.

Roof busbar support insulators and 25 kV rooftop insulators from Radiant Enterprises are reliable parts of the railway systems because of the company's dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

Electrical Insulation: Roof busbar support insulators provide effective electrical insulation, preventing current leakage and reducing the risk of electrical faults.

Mechanical Support: Roof busbar support insulators offer robust mechanical support to the rooftop busbars, which experience mechanical stresses during train movements, vibrations, and variations in temperature.

Weather and Pollution Resistance: Roof busbar support insulators are designed to withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

UV Radiation Resistance: Insulators from Radiant Enterprises are formulated to resist UV radiation, maintaining their electrical and mechanical properties over the long term.

High Dielectric Strength: Roof busbar support insulators have high dielectric strength to withstand the high-voltage electrical currents carried by the busbars without breakdown or arcing.


Electric trains rely on efficient and reliable power distribution, and roof busbar support insulators play a critical role in this. These specialised insulators provide mechanical support and electrical insulation for busbars installed on the roof. Radiant Enterprises, a distinct roof busbar support insulator manufacturer in India, provides high-quality insulators engineered to meet the specific requirements of electrified railway systems.

Below mentioned are some of the key applications of roof busbar support insulators in electrified railways:

  • Electrified Railway Systems
  • High-Speed Railways
  • Urban and Suburban Railways
  • Metro Systems
  • Regional and Long-Distance Railways
  • Electrification Projects
  • Freight Railways
  • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Systems

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