AIS with primary bushings is a subset of AIS designed specifically for making initial connections between high-voltage devices. When it comes to providing safe and reliable power distribution, primary bushing AIS switchgear is essential, and as a leading Indian manufacturer of Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgear.

The purpose of Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgear is to link high-voltage devices, like transformers and circuit breakers, to the electrical grid in a safe and efficient manner. These crucial parts may be seamlessly integrated thanks to the major bushings, which serve as interface points. This setup effectively regulates, safeguards, and isolates the key connections.

Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgear has the advantage of allowing for more regulated and secure power delivery. The principal connections, which are essential for the dependable functioning of high-voltage equipment, are the primary emphasis of the design. It allows for reliable switching, fault prevention, and isolation of these parts, which lessens the likelihood of electrical problems and boosts the system's security.

Primary Bushing for AIS Switchgear is an area of expertise for Radiant Enterprises, an established Indian manufacturer and exporter of AIS. Our proficiency in switchgear production guarantees that the primary bushing AIS solutions are up to par with global benchmarks and client specifications.


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Product Primary Bushing
Height -
Rated Voltage -
Dry Power frequncy test (1min) -
Dry lightening impulse test -
Rated current -
Creepage distance -

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