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A pantograph is a device that collects power from an overhead line and is mounted on the roof of an electric train, tram, or bus. A typical sort of current collector is the pantograph. The return current usually runs through the rails and is carried by a single or double wire. The term comes from some designs' resemblance to mechanical pantographs, which are used to duplicate handwriting and drawings.

For many years the railway industry has trusted RADIANT Insulators for Electrical locomotives for rolling stock in INDIA and around the world. Manufacturers of pantographs and trains such as INDIAN RAILWAYS, Wabtec, Bombardier, and Alstom have worked with radiant in order to create customized insulation concepts for pantographs and other rolling stock insulators and bushings.

The technical requirements for the 25 kV locomotives change from country to country and rail operators.

In recent years the top players in the Railway industry have realized the long term benefits of using epoxy insulators in place of the traditional porcelain insulators.

Radiant Enterprises is one of the most prevalent and distinguished manufacturers of Electrical Insulators for locomotives in India.

Importance of Pantograph Insulators

Due to a lot of Breakages in the bottom of the standard design of Epoxy support insulators for pantographs, Radiant has developed a new type of epoxy insulator for pantograph which is more durable than the insulators that other manufacturers offer.

At Radiant Enterprises, the engineering team has designed a new type of pantograph insulator which eliminated the bottom breakage point. We have installed this newly designed insulator on the pantographs of our clients and have seen phenomenal results with no breakage.

With the stainless steel base plate supporting the insulator from the bottom, the breakage is reduced and the product strength significantly increases.

If you are looking for the best quality Electrical Insulators, Radiant Enterprises is the most reliable name you’ll come across in the market.

Also, the fitting on the top of the train is done better than the traditional epoxy support insulator design. Moreover, the product is durable in the harsh changing environment.

We have developed the pantograph insulators which are available in heights from 320 to 420 mm with a creepage distance of a minimum of 1100 mm.

Radiant Enterprises is an excellent as well as the most recognized manufacturer and supplier of Insulators for Electric trains in India.

These pantographs are developed to meet the customer's specific requirements, such as fire and smoke certification according to EN 45545, UL 94 V0, ASTM D2303, D495, D2196, D229 and others.

We are eager to design future variants according to the customer's need, other than the standard types on insulators.

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